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Tar-Analyzer TA120-3 (discontinuation)


 The Tar Analyzer TA 120-3 is designed for quasi-continuous on-line measurement of the Tar content in gas from Biomass Gasification. The use of this measurement system is distinguished from the conventional "wet-chemical" methods of measurement through a series of improvements. It convinced the users especially the possibility of simultaneous and quasi-continuous measurement of Tar, Aromatics and Total Hydrocarbon content for fast optimization of process parameters. In principle, the TA 120-3 also be used for other measuring tasks where high-boiling and more volatile Hydrocarbon groups should be measured separately.

Tar-Analyzer TA120-3


The hot Sample Gas from the Gasifier is sucked into the Analyzer by a Venturi Pump and distributed into three Sample Loops over inbuilt Dust Filter. The content of the Loops is flushed by the Carrier Gas to the FID Detector sequentially. The first and the second Loop Content passing a cooled Filter Section. Each Section can be set to the condensing Temperature of the Type of Tar to be eliminated on this Sample Volume. The third Loop Content is flushed to the Detector containing the original Sample Gas from the Gasifier.

After running the Measurement Cycle, the Values of the different Concentrations are calculated by the Control and Monitoring Software of the Analyzer TA120-3.

The Controller Functions of the TA120-3 Software (TA 120 DataAquisition©) can by also performed manually from the Keyboard on the Analyzer Front Panel.
Teer-Analysator TA120-3


Detector Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Analysis Temperature Up to 300 °C
Filter Temperature 4 to + 80 °C (1°C increments)
Number of Filters Two
Number of Pumps Tree, Heated Venturi
Number of Sample Inputs Two
Measurement Time 120 s
Measurement Limit < 0,2 % of MRD
Reproducibility ± 1 % of  MRD
Linearity ± 2 % of MRD
Sample Pressure - 30 to 50 mbar
Sample Gas Flow Rate 100 - 300 l/h
Heating Time 60 Minutes
Temperature Control PID- Controller
Ambient Temperature +5 to + 35 °C
Signal Output / Peripheral Control RS 485/232 – Interface
  • Sample Valve
  • Oven Temperature
  • Filter Temperature
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Flame Status
  • Amplifier Zero
Status Displays
  • Sample Valve Position
  • Oven Temperature
  • Filter Temperature 1 / 2
Software TA 120 DataAquisition© running on WINDOWS 98, XP
Required Gases
  • Fuel for FID: Hydrogen 5.0, 2 bar, 2 l/h
  • Air for FID: Compressed air (HC-free), 3 bar, 20 l/h
  • Carrier Gas: Nitrogen 5.0 or Compressed Air, 2 bar, 5 l/h
  • Valve Control: Compressed Air, 6 bar, 50 l/h
  • Calibration Gas: 5 Vol.-% Methane in N2, max. 100 mbar
Gas Connections ¼’’ Swagelok
Type of Pump Venturi
Main Power 230 VAC / 50 Hz / 900 VA
Weights and Dimension: 40 kg
6 HE x 19 “ x 480 mm (HxWxD)