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Welcome to Ratfisch Analysensysteme GmbH

We are since 1968 in the field of environmental and process instrumentation and have ourselves on the market as a specialist for FID measurement established.

Our key to success is the project experience, as well as the close cooperation of our employees. Short communication channels and many years of experience allow a flexible, efficient and competent customer service.

Our Standard Products:

  • Portable THC-Analyzer RS53-T
  • Portable THC-Analyzer RS53-T/2
  • Rack-Mounted THC Analyzer RS55-T
  • Rack-Mounted THC Analyzer RS55-T/2
  • Methane / Non-Methane THC Analyzer RS200
  • Tar Analyzer TA120-3 (discontinuation)
  • Zero-Gas Generator RS11
  • Sample-Point Controller RS2400
  • USB Data Interface
  • Add-On´s and Analyzer Options

Our Customer Support:

  • Equipment Repair and Calibration
  • Analyzer Rental
  • Spare Parts
  • Maintenance (factory and on-site)
  • Training


Calibration using the sample input RS53-T

Quick-lock adapter for sample line installation

Dual Channel RS53-T available (RS53-T/2)